Clients words
"Collingwood Children’s Farm engaged the services of PUR Production to carry out a ‘Shared Histories’ podcast project funded by Public Records Victoria. The project’s aim was to capture the voices of the community who have made the Collingwood Children’s Farm what it is today – as well as telling the story of what it was before. Staff from PUR Production exceeded all expectations. While the initial goal was to interview a handful of people to gather three perspectives from Wurundjeri, European Settlement and then the last 40 years of the Farm, PUR Production peeled back layers and uncovered more stories than we’d ever thought possible! An in-depth, heartfelt summary from the voices that mattered most, PUR Productions was able to piece together a rich tapestry of tales that show just how uniquely significant Collingwood Children’s Farm, and the land on which it sits, is to so many people – past, present and future. CCF thanks PUR Production for their incredible work and highly recommends to anyone wanting to capture the real voices and stories of people and their communities."
Conor Hickey
CEO - THe Collingwood Children's Farm
"We have the most amazing video series that was prepared by PUR Production. Our video series focuses on infants and toddlers and this meant having a team that was sensitive to this group when filming, but also a team that was able to capture the magic of those beautiful young minds as they explored. Importantly, the moments of imagination in play and imagination in STEM have been captured and beautifully presented in the video series - something very special for helping others see that STEM for infants and toddlers is indeed possible. The final result has been so well received in the early childhood education community. Thank you PUR Production. "
Marilyn Fleer
Laureate Professor,
Australian Research Council Kathleen Fitzpatrick Laureate Fellow
Faculty of Education, Monash University
"EEI sought assistance from PUR Production with a pilot series of academic professional development modules.
The genuine interest, advice and quality of the modules by PUR Production exceeded our expectations. As the primary contact on behalf of the institution with PUR Production I was impressed with the commitment to timelines, quality of final product and professional technical and presentation advice during the development to ensure the very best possible outcome. The institution is delighted with the final production which now is an important institutional strategy for delivering staff development to a geographically diverse and part time work force.
Perhaps the best testimonial is whether the institution would return to PUR Production for further productions. I can say without hesitation that the institution will, and, already has plans for PUR Productions assistance with our next academic staff development series."
Leonard Webster
Designer DVC Quality and Compliance at EEI
“The team at PUR Production are a delight to work with! Reliable, gracious, and flexible. They were consistently keen for the best outcome for the work. Patrick Beggs worked with us to design a live broadcast meditation study course called GROUND, 2019.  We were translating and recording Buddhist principles, funnelled through a more feminine poetics, within a contemporary context. There were around eighty students; local, interstate and international, partaking in this course.
 Patrick’s warm presence, unique sensitivity and regard for the material we were working with, was clocked by us all. 
I would say PUR Production have a professional, diligent, thoughtful and sensitive approach to their craft, mixed with an instinctive sense of how best to support different projects a bring them to fruition.”  


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